Business Process Outsourcing

RAGVisibility© is our BPO management tool which is used to manage all supply chain processes from outsourcing of HR to the outsourcing of globally manufactured products.
The tool, which covers both sprints and milestones, is not a prescriptive frame work tool but is written around the scope and required outcome. This allows the team to see where the issues are and who needs to address them. Each time an agreed task on the scope is completed the Project Manager is able to review the data.

RAGVisibility© utilises a RAG status procedure:

Red - action required

Amber - action being evaluated by the project manager

Green - approved and compliant

Key areas for consideration:

HR - With the right partner outsourcing of the HR process can reduce costs without affection customer service.

Sales & marketing - From email marketing and lead generation to field sales, outsourcing can be extremely cost effective.

Manufacturing - Whether onshore, offshore or rightshore, VP Group can assist you in making the correct decision based on your individual business requirements.

Finance - Outsourcing this process invariably reduces costs.

Distribution - Distribution is always a large part of the supply chain costs. However, improved efficiency will invariably reduce operational costs without compromising quality of service.

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