Whether you are using ITIL as a Best Practice guide or working towards ISO 20000 certification you should be talking to VP Group.

RAGVisibility© is our unique web based 3rd generation ITIL management tool designed to take all the guesswork out of the implementation of ICT projects and programmes.

Once a project scope has been agreed and documented by your red badge ITIL practitioner, RAGVisibility© is populated for your project team to ensure all actions, sprints and milestones are completed and certified as compliant. Your project team are given access to our dynamic web based password protected interface allowing visibility of all stages, requirements and relevant documentation relating to the project.

Once designated roles and responsibilities are completed your project manager is able to review and verify the work has been completed as per the scope.

The RAG status keeps everyone informed removing any grey areas.

* Red - action required
* Amber - action being evaluated by PM
* Green - approved and compliant

RAGVisibility© conforms to Best Practice anti-infringement protocols and incorporates full version control. Current and historic documentation is supported for dynamic access for relevant project staff subject to agreed security access.