4th Party Logistics - VP Group "Walking the 4PL Talk"

As a Company Featured in a Fourth Party Logistics book " The Future of Supply Chain Outsourcing" VP Group are well versed in the benefits of outsourcing the supply chain to increase bottom line profits.

Since the introduction of 4PL, VP Group have been assisting organisations to cross the void when implementing a supply chain outsourcing strategy by bringing together and centrally managing the complete supply chain for an organisation.

4PL is one of the best kept secrets for supply chain management. However, 4PL can change the whole financial status of a company and create dramatic wealth for the shareholders when implemented correctly and yet too few company executives are aware of 4PL. VP Group has case studies where our clients have gone from loss to profit in a very short time after implementation.

4PL alone can take companies from loss making to profit making very quickly.

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